I AM TIRED......

I am tired
So tired
Tired of all the things I have been doing
College, Work, Life

Why am I always thinking so far ahead
Why is it me
Why is it that I am not who I want to be
Why is that I have to go throught this on my own

Questions after questions
Endlessly wandering in my heart
What do I do next
How should I do it

To say goodbye farewell?
Or to live on the pain I am having?

Please... I am TIRED...


The long awaited Sony PS3 is finally here in Malaysia!! wooohooo~~~ =)

Saturday, 20th September 2008, the official launch was held at New Wing 1Utama (the same place where Daughtry's concert was held). The event started off on Friday actually, with the highlight of the day, the 24 hour game marathon that was listed in the Malaysia Book of Records. Man, some people really sat there from 10am until the next morning for the competition... =.=

well, I wasnt there to queue up all night long to get my hands on the PS3 (I AM NOT A GAMER...) I was there for the very unique 'beauty pageant' Sony Malaysia held, the Sony PS3 Game Girl Competition. No.. IT ISN'T a gaming competition. We did not play any games or compete with one another in some game sessions. We did catwalks, gave the best of our talents, and Q&A.



And I won!! yay!! Im going to HK in December! I still cant believe that I won a PS3.. but its not with me. They are going to snail mail it to me and god knows how long that will take.. 



Heres some pictures to update the event.. (Im just too lazy to type, so the pictures will do all the talking)


This is contestant no 7 reporting!




Photo session after the crowning ceremony.

2 other pretties missing...
(L-R) Rachel, Patricia, Vivien, Shernny, Me, Cassandra, Suki, Clareen and Yu
Clareen, Amelia, Cassandra, Shernny, Me and Patricia posing =)
Amelia, Me and Ginny!
The conclusion of the day? Everyone is a winner! We all are! Because We dare to be who we are!